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[Backfill] Connectivity issue for SORACOM IoT SIM (planP1)

Minor incident Air for Cellular planP1 (Rendezvous point: Tokyo)
2020-11-06 17:30 JST · 0 microseconds



English follows after Japanese

(以下のIncident Reportがサービス稼働ページの更新作業に伴い予期せず削除されておりましたため、再度掲載いたします)

日本時間 2020/11/06 17:25 頃より 2020/11/06 18:51 頃まで、SORACOM IoT SIM (planP1)にて新規接続がつながりにくい問題が発生しておりました。

NOTE: The following Incident Report of Service Dashboard has been unexpectedly removed due to a system update, and is being reposted

The connectivity issue that affected Soracom IoT SIM (planP1) beginning on 2020-11-06 8:25 UTC has been resolved as of 9:51 UTC.
New connection requests were partially failing during the period. The service is now operating normally. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused during this time

2020-12-01 · 11:36 JST

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